About Elena

Age: 27
Location: New York City / Digital Nomad
Languages: English, Russian, Hebrew, French (learning)
Skills: View backstage

Elena is a model, actress, and environmental scientist. She works with brands that reflect her same commitment to helping people feel beautiful, brave, and seen, and is an influencer for sustainable and slow fashion brands.

Elena is trilingual and multi-cultural, and her former military experience as a drill sergeant alongside her multi-cultural background and experience as a solo backpacker give Elena a unique edge as a model and actress. She hopes to inspire others to embrace their beauty in their differences.

She received her Bachelors in Environmental Science and Urban Planning at the University of Colorado, Boulder, graduating with honors and distinction. She was the titleholder for Miss Manhasset and competed in the Miss New York / Miss USA competition in 2021.

Brands Elena works with

  • Content Creation: Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hotels, Paka, Tarik Ediz, Tenere Eco, Ralphs Ices, Aube Atelier Label, Presently, Wet Ones Wipes, Nounos Yogurt, Send-a-Cake, Core Hemp, Flying Cauldron Beer, and more
  • Film, TV, & Commercial: Amazon Studios (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hotels, CBS/Paramount (The Good Fight)
  • Magazine: Feroce, Shuba, Scorpio Jin, Pump

Contact for media kit: 
Ryan A. Joel (Assistant)
ryan ·@· elenakatan.com