Featured Case Studies

Sporting an Outdoor Lifestyle with Paka Brands

I’m one of Paka’s Top-10 Influencers, and create content both on my feed and whitelisted as ads on their feed to bring more representation to outdoor wear and outdoor lifestyles. I showcased all of their apparel categories, including tops, bottoms, and accessories.


Empowering Solo Female Travel with Hilton and Conrad Hotels

As someone who loves to travel in style, I enjoyed starring in Hilton and Conrad Hotel’s commercial and photography series as a business traveler. The shoot highlighted the comfort of the hotel room’s amenities and design, as well as my check-in experience, walking down grand corridors, and mingling with other hotel guests at the penthouse roof bar. The project produced both video and photo content that was released on their social media, in hotels internationally, and on TV commercials (Spring 2022).