Media Kit

Elena Katan

Content Creator / Model / Actress / Creative Director & Stylist

Hi, I’m Elena! I’m 26 and my home base is New York City, although as a backpacker I’m often traveling the world with just my camera and my backpack.

My online presence stems from my passion for sustainability, fashion, travel, and the outdoors, and as my audience has grown, I create content around self-care, sustainable practices, travel, and culture. I work with brands that reflect my commitment to helping others feel beautiful, brave, and seen.

Contact: elenakatan7 ·@·

Social Media Engagement

  • Traffic: 50K monthly impressions, 11K accounts reached, 2.2K followers, 10-20% average engagement (organic)
  • Current/past brand partners: Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hotels, Paka, Tarik Ediz, Tenere Eco, Ralphs Ices, Aube Atelier Label, Presently, Wet Ones Wipes, Nounos Yogurt, Send-a-Cake, Core Hemp, Flying Cauldron Beer, and more
  • Core follower demographic: USA, 1/3 in New York City; Millennial age 25-34 (60%); Gen-Z (20%)

Campaign case studies

  • Product advertising on Instagram feed to boost brand awareness (including whitelisting) for outdoor and athletic apparel, fashion and accessories, food and beverage, thrift brands, and more
  • Commercials for two hotel brands, dental care brand, and food brand
  • Brand promotion on Instagram stories for gifting company, sustainable accessory brand, and more
  • Product sponsorship for Miss New York pageant, sponsored by four premier fashion and accessory brands on stage

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Acting & Publication

  • Film / Commercial: Amazon Studios (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hotels, CBS/Paramount (The Good Fight)
  • Magazine: Feroce, Shuba, Scorpio Jin, Pump

Brands Elena works with

Ryan A. Joel (Assistant)
ryan ·@·

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